This year is an election year, the Presidential Election is the most important one that we, as Americans, get to experience. It is so important to use the privelege that we get to vote on who will lead our country for the next few years. I know it seems like one little vote isn’t important. However, your vote is important, because your opinion is important, and you are important. Please use your voice to help us vote for our future leader!

“One Vote Matters” Poster:
Background has 2 red stripes one each on the left and right, with a white stripe in the center.
Blue Bubble with “One Vote Matters!” at top
One vote really does matter because the ballot box is the only place where the richest billionaire and the poorest pauper count the same. Each person only gets 1 vote.
Two Circle button red, white, and blue “Your Vote Counts” graphics.
Grey Rectangle in center with statistics:
1788 The US constitution was ratified by 3 votes in New York
1790 the US constitution was ratified by 2 votes in Rhode Island
1800 1 vote gave the presidency to Thomas Jefferson instead of Aaron Burr
1960 if 1 person in each precinct changed their vote, John Kennedy would never have been president
1976 1 vote changed in each Ohio precinct would have re-elected Gerald ford
1984 Indiana 8th congressional candidate Frank McCloskey was elected over Rick McIntyre by 4 votes
2008 Al Franken was elected Senator from Minnesota by 312 votes. There were more than 3 million votes cast.
“Your Vote is Your Voice” half blue and half red Graphic.
Gray bubble at bottom with “Your Right! Your Responsibility! Your Vote! Make it count!!!”