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You.Lead.Now. Training Overview

There was very little time during the three days I attended the training that I felt comfortable, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Something that was mentioned was discomfort brings about change. I know most of my anxiety is over-exaggerating situations, and generally I am perfectly safe even when I feel scared out of my wits.

To be honest, I find it important to constantly reach out of my comfort zone, sometimes change needs to happen and that will not happen if you remain in your safe space. I call it personal growth. Growing pains hurt, but they are necessary to become who you want to be, at least, I know it’s that way for me. I don’t want to be scared of silly things my whole life. The only way I can begin to overcome the anxiety is to face it, safely, as much as possible. Overall I felt I did pretty well handling myself. I’m very much an observer in new situations, but I encouraged myself to step out of my comfort zone to make sure I was able to get the full experience.

You may be content or happy just the way that you are and that is great, amazing, and awesome. However, if you are not happy with where you are at, are there ways that you can change it? Sometimes, increasing your happiness is as simple as looking at things differently, finding that silver lining. Other ways increase your happiness, may include charity work, giving to others, going back to school, finding a fulfilling career, the options are endless. All of these begin right where you are; you get to take the first step to who you want to be.

The small groups were definitely my favorite part of the three days. It was where I was most comfortable and where I felt I learned the most. The conference was a lot more about interacting with people than just “leading” them.

-Karrlita F.

What ways do you learn best?

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