End of Year Giving

Give gifts now for 2017 tax benefits!! 

It’s time to check our shopping list and make sure we haven’t forgotten anyone.  I’m hoping PILR is on your list for end of year giving.  PILR is a nonprofit, making your donations tax deductible.  Plus, the work you support to help people with disabilities live and work in our communities is a gift that keeps on giving.

The center served over 600 people in Fiscal Year 2017.  We helped homeless individuals locate and move into housing.  Others received equipment such as video magnifiers that helped them stay in their homes and do things independently.  In addition, approximately 230 students with disabilities participated in Disability Mentoring Day, job shadowing and learning about the world of work.  Two students were offered jobs. Please review some of the appreciation letters we received from Students.

DMD Student Experiences:

I got to go to the RO (reverse osmosis water treatment plant) I got to see a map of Hutch and where all the polluted water was and got to see the entire sewer lines, l the water lines, and all 4 of the water towers. After that we went to across town to the public works maintenance shop. We talked to a man named Cecil who is in charge of keeping the streets clean after parades or accidents and he makes street signs or fixes them if  they get hit in a crash.

After that we went to the garage where mechanics work on fire trucks, police cars and other city equipment. They were working on the fuel tank of a fire truck which had been punctured by a stick at a brush fire.  I got to go under the fire truck. It was the middle of 3 fuel tanks which had to be popped out and a new one put back in. There is a computer they showed me that they plugged into the fire truck to find the problem. They let me take a picture of the engine. Then we looked at a police cruiser’s engine.

Afterward we went to the Carey park golf course to eat pizza when we were all done are we went to the TV van they had a robot that drives through the water pipes to check if there are any cracks or holes in the pipe the camera on the robot is around 35 thousand dollars it weighs close to 100 pounds and the robot is close to 45 thousand dollars. Our last stop was the Reno county sewage treatment plant we went to where they separate the trash from the waste and send it to the incinerator they showed us how they shock the water with high powered led lights to send it in to the river.

-Austin Nolan, Pretty Prairie High School

Thank you so much for letting me go to DMD Day, I also liked it when Roger was speaking and what the important reason for being there. I liked when me and my group got to hang out with Roger and got to be in his shoes for a little bit. He is a great person.

Also thank you to all people who let me be there and all their hard work to do all of this every year. 4 people made me feel wanted there at the hospital the two ladies in my group who drove us there and two people from the hospital.

-Benjamin Cole, Hutchinson High School

There are many more stories I could share but space is limited.  Your tax deductible gift, whether its $5 or $5,000 makes it possible to continue doing the work we love.

Please, add PILR to your shopping list and send your gift to:

Development Department
17 S Main Street
Hutchinson, KS  67501

Thank you!

Christine Owens, Executive Director