is it Friday already? This week went by very fast for me. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


I totally made up a new word just for this… (Worry and Prioritization)

Last week I was taking a survey for one of the vendors we have here at work. One of the survey questions asked about my age range, a question that I have been asked a million times before. This time, something clicked in my head about how many check boxes still followed the one that I fall into. It made me think about how I have so much time ahead of me (God-Willing), what is the point of dwelling on all the little worries, decisions, and non-issues when these things won’t affect me when I reach the next check box. What things did you worry about as a child, a teen, or a young adult? How did they change from each one, did anything stay the same?

The things that you over analyze, over think, worry obsessively about, or try to control; are you going to care about them in ten years, when you get to the next decade of your life? Everyone has different priorities, but I believe that most people spend way too much time stressing about the little things that have such small impact of the big picture. Don’t get me wrong, some little things are amazing: They way that a baby looks up at you with those big alien eyes, the first moment that you met the person that you spend the rest of your life with, opening up presents on Christmas Day, or finding the perfect house. The little memories that you will cherish forever, that it what you should focus on, not if your hair is having a good or bad day, wearing the right thing, what people think, and so many silly things.

Worrying feels like a natural part of life, something that is so easy to do without even thinking. So how do you stop worrying? Personally, I don’t know. I worry all the time, but it doesn’t get me ahead or help me at all, if anything if holds me back. There are a million resources on how to stop worrying, and everyone has an opinion on it. However, I think it’s important to just remember, “No matter where you are in the age range chart there is still a lot ahead. Focus on the more important things. Lighten up and have a blast.” –Adam F.

Do what you enjoy (legally) and try not to think about how others will see you for it.

-Karrlita F.