If you have read my other blogs it should come as no surprise to you when I say I LOVE MOVIES. My family does too. My husband is a huge Marvel fan and that has not diminished with the new movie End Game. Don’t worry, I am not giving spoilers to the movie but I did like a big undertone in the movie that was in other movies as well and that is team work and family. Captain America (Cap as he is called) told Iron Man in another movie “We fight together” and when Iron Man asked about losing Cap he says “We’ll do that together too.” With the new movie the team is in shambles and they have to rebuild. It’s Iron Man that rallies the troops and tells Cap “Win or lose we will do it together.”

This one movie worldwide has made $2,272,706,419. Ya, I said 2 BILLION and that is in just 12 days. Which means not only are there a ton of other movie lovers out there but we all believe in the message. We all believe that team work and family are important. Being together and fighting together matter. We believe that limitations and no win situations are not important as long as we are together. The fight, our fight together is the only thing that matters. So then why don’t we fight?

Think about when a friend or family member has a baby. We’re all so excited, we cannot wait to see that precious bundle of joy. Then the doctor tells the parents something unexpected. There is a “diagnosis.” Now something has changed, most people don’t rush out to see the baby after that. They wait. They give the parents “time to cope.” We separate them, most times not knowingly and most certainly not in a hurtful manner. We think it’s for the best but is it really? We leave two people with a brand new baby that needs assistance all alone. Maybe sometime later we will send them an article we read that fits their situation but we aren’t there fighting with them to get them the assistance or resources they need. What about with older children or other adults? We pass by someone having a difficult time walking or someone we know is struggling instead of helping them.

Why don’t we fight? Is it fear? Is it anger? It could be a mix of those reasons and many more. We should ban together, we should fight for each other. It doesn’t matter if we’re fighting a system or government or a person. If we are together on a matter, there is no one that can over take us and if they do the only thing that matters is that we did it together. In the end, isn’t it our cause, our joint connection to each other that is most important?