Work Opportunities Reward Kansans is a part of Working Healthy, a program that allows Kansas residents, who have a permanent disability, to work and keep their health care. Consumers who are eligible for Working Healthy and need assistance with activities of daily living receive personal assistance services through Work Opportunities Reward Kansans, or WORK.

WORK includes an assessment to determine the need for Personal Assistance Services (PAS), Independent Living Counseling (ILC), and Assistive Services. To be considered for WORK services, consumers must meet the Working Healthy eligibility guidelines. In addition, consumers must be receiving services on the Intellectual/Developmental Disability (I/DD), Physical Disability (PD), or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Waivers, or be on the waiting lists to receive services through these waivers or demonstrate a need for a similar level of care as individuals on these waivers DD, PD, or TBI waivers or waiver waiting lists.

-Independent Living Counselors are available to assist consumers to self and/or agency-direct their personal care services, assist with program policy and procedures, and request assistive services funds. PILR Staff who assist with this are Heather Jones and Linda Adelhardt.

For additional information, please visit, Kansas Department of Health and Environment