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Legislative update

After more than 100 days in Topeka, the Kansas legislature is getting closer to completing their work for the year so it might be good to look back at this session. The most pressing things the legislature needed to complete were a school funding formula that will be accepted by the supreme court, and a way to fund a projected deficit over the next few years.

While the school funding formula issue has not been solved as of the writing of this blog, the legislature on June 6, voted to override Governor Brownback’s veto of a funding bill which will raise approximately 1.2 billion dollars over the next two years. This veto affectively eliminated the March to zero tax plan that Governor Brownback has championed since being elected governor.

The other significant bill, affecting people with disabilities, which was passed this session was the “Joey Webber” law. This law allows people with cognitive disabilities to opt in to getting something on their license plate, registration, or driver’s license that will alert law enforcement that they have a disability that could impact cognition. While Medicaid expansion came up several times, and was actually passed, it was vetoed by the Governor so at this point, that won’t be happening here in Kansas.

Finally, on a sad note, PILR was shocked to learn of the passing of state Representative Patsy Terrell. Our thoughts are with her friends and family as they go through this difficult time.

-Roger F.