Generally when I wake up each day, I know what to expect. My routine will vary greatly depending on if it’s a weekday or a weekend. I like having a plan for each day and trying to follow it closely. There are things that come up that are unexpected and don’t fit into a regular routine. Flexibility is a very important skill in these times, not just to move from one task to another, but also to keep your sanity. What do you do when your entire day’s plan gets sidetracked by being sick (having a sick kid) or something else?

I had a plan this past weekend to go on an outing and I wasn’t feeling the best on Friday, so I went home early to get some rest in preparation for it. To my dismay, I never really felt better over the course of the weekend and I also came home with another bug on top of it. What I expected to be a fun active weekend, turned into a miserably bout of sickness. What do you do when you have unchangeable plans and people depend on you? I still went over the weekend because people were depending on me and it was already paid for. I tried not to let how I was feeling affect the activities, but it can be difficult to hide how you feel.

I had hoped that resting Sunday would allow me to go to work on Monday and continue on with my oh-so beloved routine. However, that didn’t happen either, I had to go to the doctor instead and then stay home for a few days. So, not only did my weekend not go as planned, my week started out rocky as well. I don’t know about your job, but the first of the year we have a lot going on and I really didn’t feel like I should be lounging around at home with so much to do in the office. I didn’t really have another option, there would be no work completed if I would have went it.

Additionally, I can’t be sharing this horrible bug that I caught, so I make sure to avoid the office and people in general. There are times where it is more important to focus on rest and healing. I tried to leave work at work and not stress about what couldn’t get finished, while I was at home. You have to trust that people can handle things without you for just a few days. I came back to the office near the end of the week and the building was not burnt down, people weren’t upset that I was sick, only concerned, and being worried about these things would only slow the healing process.

-Karrlita F.

Has something unexpected happened to you that derailed your day or week?