We are coming up on the Last Weekend of 2017. Stay warm and we will see you next year!


My older brother has always been my hero and my protector. As an adult, I have come to see him as the unbreakable man. Everything that he has been through would literally have destroyed other people, but he keeps going.

Realistically, I know that no man is unbreakable. However, my brother has survived being shot in the head, which is a horribly scary phone call at 2 am… He has survived several car accidents, where the car was totaled and he just walked away from the wreck. When he was a kid, he was climbing a tree and fell from pretty high. He ended up breaking one leg and fracturing the other, he had to use a wheelchair temporarily, while both legs had casts. He was still quite independent and could do most things with minimal assistance. He hated being dependent upon someone to get every little thing, so he would wobble around on his casted and barred legs refusing help.

I have always looked up to my big brother. This past weekend, I almost forgot that he was the unbreakable man. He spent Christmas weekend in the ICU because of a virus. Who would have thought that something so small even had a chance against someone so great? I was worried and stressed about the situation and due to being pregnant I was unable to visit him, but we talked several times over the phone and he sounded fine, like he always did. I knew he wasn’t and I was worried that this would be the thing that got him.

Like I said, he is the unbreakable man to me and he continues to prove it. He made it through and is going to be fine. It’s hard to know everything that someone has been up against. We can always hope for the best and make sure you let the people who are important to you know that you care.

-Karrlita F.

Happy New Year from PILR Staff and Board of Directors!