Happy Friday have a wonderful weekend and Happy Father’s Day!


This week is full of relief for me. After a hectic month or two of finding new people to fill our open positions, a lot of which I was able to cover for, I am back doing just my job. The past couple of months have been anything but expected, they have had their own ups and downs. That’s the great thing about life though; it’s always interesting when change is abounding. So many people, hope, assume, pray, and want things to go a certain way, but how boring would life be if everything was exactly how we wanted it. Would that mean that everyone would have to want the same things, also? I know there are things I want that are vastly different from other people, even compared to people close to me.

Honestly, the only things that you know will happen have already happened and are going on right this minute. Aside from that, you don’t know what tomorrow may bring. Some people’s lives change in an instant, maybe winning the lottery or getting an inheritance, acquiring a new job, being in an accident, or finding that special someone you have been waiting for. It’s these little or big things that keeps life entertaining. I feel like a completely predictable life for me would be like only watching reruns of Movies or TV episodes, which is not something that I enjoy. Even though life is unexpected and somethings goes the worst direction I feel that I can imagine. Usually, it turns out well and I would rather have the crazy twists and turns that life tends to bring.

Everyone is dealt a different hand; you never know all the cards that someone has. All you can do is take what you have been given and play the best that you can.  There will be times that you have a card that can help someone else; I think that’s a great chance to take, helping another on their journey. I have known many of the cards that I hold in my hand; my biggest problem is that I’m not sure what game I’m supposed to be playing… Life is unpredictable, and “it’s gonna be okay!”

What unexpected things have turned out well for you?