Thrivent Financial: My Choice Dollars

As a nonprofit, PILR accepts donations in order to assist people in our community with independent living, employment, and other services. There are many ways that you are able to donate and they are listed on our donations page.

We know money can be tight and a few of the options cost you nothing, they are provided by generous companies that you may already be using.

This is pretty new for us and we are happy to have the support of Thrivent Financial and their “Direct Choice Dollars” program that allows you to specify a nonprofit to send some of their donation money to. So if you already use Thrivent Financial you may have dollars that are eligible to be sent to PILR, you can find the process here: There are online and over the phone instructions, whichever may be easier for you.

And if you have other questions this is a great resource: or you can call us and we can help walk you through it.

Eligible members have until March 31 of the following year to direct Thrivent Choice Dollars. We just passed the date for the past year, but that gives you almost a whole year until the next due date to distribute your Thrivent Choice Dollars towards PILR.