We take for granted the things we know, our supports, our resources, our supplies and our suppliers. We think that if we know about them then everyone else must know about them. Surely those who need what we have know, right? After all, we found out about them.

Or perhaps we don’t think that at all. Maybe we think the resources might run out and if we say anything too many people will go there and we won’t be able to get what we need. After all, our resources are limited.  Whatever the thought process is we don’t share much, unless something new and exciting happens. Then we tell EVERYONE!! When that happens we don’t even stop to think about the resources running out, we might not even care. We’re just so excited over what happened.

I’m still in the “honeymoon” phase of my employment here at P.I.L.R., so I’m telling everyone about it.  I love telling everyone what a great company it is, how we help so many and how we still need more help.  Being also involved with a sports group in town that supports nonprofit organizations, I received the chance to introduce P.I.L.R. and explain what we do.  It just so happens that a good friend of mine has been in need of the services that P.I.L.R. provides but had no idea we offer them. What’s even worse is that I had thought that since I knew about the resource then surely she did as well.

When we don’t share what we know or the resources we have, we allow those in need to suffer in silence. Striving to make our world a better place means giving not only our care and compassion but our resources, effort and time. Each and every one of us has something to offer. There is no such thing as minimum effort when it comes to helping others. By telling my friend about our resources, not only am I helping her, but her family, and then those she tells and those they tell and so on. One simple statement, “We might be able to help. Come see us.” can change the world for 1 person or family. Perhaps many more as well.

So, shout it from the roof tops! Tell everyone you know about the resources we provide! One simple action can bring so much help and so many possibilities.