Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Out of the Box

One thing that I have had the chance to do, since coming to PILR, is join Roger on voting education at the high schools. He reaches out to high schools  in Hutchinson and neighboring towns and offers to educate students on how to register to vote and reasons why voting is important. Roger also writes articles for our newsletter and blog that share how your vote is significant and needed.

I have had trouble dealing with groups of people since I was a freshman in high school. Going back to high schools, where my trouble started, is very challenging for me. It puts me face to face with many reminders and triggers for my anxiety. Additionally, like most people, I also have anxiety about speaking in public. Luckily, Roger does 99 percent of the talking when we go on these adventures, but I do a little communicating as well. This week we went to our third one together and I don’t think it is getting easier for me yet, but I have hope that it will, eventually.

Since these activities are very high anxiety for me, the easiest thing to do would be avoiding them. That sounds nice, but I know it won’t bring me growth and the more I let my anxiety control me the more I become chained by it. The further that I can work at overcoming some of my personal issues the added freedom I will have. If I let my fear determine my abilities, then I might lose them.

It definitely becomes a risk versus reward kind of thing. There are many things outside of my comfort zone that I have no desire to experience. However, there are things that I know I need to do for myself and I try to focus on those. It has been a long road for the past 14 years; I have made huge advances in what I am able to do. I still experience anxiety, sometimes much stronger than I like, but I know that I can continue to overcome it with work and time. In high stress situations, I know that it is only temporary and everything will be fine once it is over. I just take some deep breaths to get through it.

It’s one of those hidden disabilities. Most of the time I am the only one who knows that I’m having difficulty, unless it becomes overwhelming, then other people get to see it too. I don’t like those times, but they are a part of who I am and I have accepted that. It helps me to realize that while others do not know what I am going through, I also do not know what everyone else is going through.

-Karrlita F.