Thanksgiving Challenge

November is the month of giving thanks. This is a month where many of us say what we are thankful for, one thing each day for the entire month.  I have tried this and towards the end of month it got harder and harder to verbalize what I found thanks in.

With all my heart I am thankful for my life, every path I have walked, and every dead end I found myself faced with. I am thankful for every person who entered my life, they have all given me another chapter, they added to the story of me.  Now understand, my life is not all cheer and great days, there are shadows, there are tears and I find these all give depth to my thankfulness.

With every experience I have had, I have grown.  Enduring loss gives me gratitude for what is still present in my life, knowing pain ensures I will revel at the pleasures.    I could not possibly list every item I give thanks for, so I attempt to live my life daily full of appreciation, and I challenge you to do the same.  Do not see the bad days as a negative, but as a chance for the next day to be blissful.

-Heather D.

Have you ever participated in a daily Thanksgiving challenge?