Happy Friday, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great weekend ahead!

Thankful for Grants

Something that we are very thankful for this month is the grant that we were awarded by the Hutchinson Community Foundation – Fund for Hutchinson. Last week a few of the staff attended the Grant Award Ceremony and our Executive Director, Chris Owens, shared why this grant was so important to us.

Our grant request was to help fund our Social Enterprise Project; the additional funds provided by the Foundation will allow us to hire a consultant to guide us through this process in the first year. A Social Enterprise is a way to allow Prairie Independent Living Resource Center, Inc. to be more self-sufficient and ensure that we will always be here to help People with Disabilities live more independently.
We are thankful at how passionate our staff and our board members are to our consumers and the mission statement: The purpose of Prairie Independent Living Resource Center, Inc. (PILR) is to achieve the full inclusion and acceptance of people with disabilities through education and advocacy. PILR is a Non-Profit organization.

Sadly, a reality that we face as a nonprofit, especially one that relies on multiple government funded grants, is the possibility that our funding will be cut. Many grants that we are fortunate enough to be awarded do not always cover the administrative costs to run the organization or advocacy costs to support our consumers and our mission. We appreciate everyone who supports our mission.

Hutchinson Community Foundation Logo PILR Logo
PILR, Executive Director Owens & Karrlita Fortna, accepting Social Enterprise PILR Grant Award of $7,500.