Suicide prevention or assistance, what do we really want?

Assisted suicide bills are sprouting up in legislatures all over the united states, and for people with disabilities, especially people with very significant disabilities, these laws are very troubling. Imagine you have just recently been in an accident, and had a spinal cord injury, your going to spend time going through a grieving process, and your going to receive a lot of messages that say that your life isn’t worth living any more.

Initially, suicide might seem like a good solution. After all, your life has significantly changed, and it may seem like your life is over anyway. Yet, once you go through the grieving process, most people learn that they can still lead a good life. What people with significant disabilities really need, isn’t assisted suicide. It is the same thing that people without disabilities need. We need suicide prevention, and support from people who have gone through the struggles that we may be living through right now.


Patient Rights Council-Kansas

Death with Dignity Act