We’ve all been there, you made a plan, you were following it to the letter and everything is going great. Then it happens. Something unforeseen pops up, smacks you in the face and changes everything. Maybe it didn’t even happen to you. Maybe it happened to your mom or spouse or family member. Whatever the case, you’re perfectly thought out, placed and executed plan is in the garbage and you feel defeated. You think over every aspect with pain inducing detail. You chew over each little piece wondering where it went wrong and how you could have avoided it. You could have made yourself sick with worry and dread but you want to know the secret? It would not have mattered, life happens.

Murphy’s Law is a theory I learned about in my teens. It states that “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong and at the worst possible time.” I’ve never liked Murphy’s Law. I thought Murphy was just a pessimistic negative person who refused to see the good side. However, I can see how someone could feel that way. This happens in every part of life. Maybe you just received a diagnosis that rocked your world, you missed too much work due to a personal situation and you were passed up for a promotion, you didn’t get the job you wanted and you fear its due to your disability or you just got let go from a job and have no idea why. Whatever the reason was it still stinks and can leave you feeling defeated and helpless. Better just to throw your hands up, try to get by on what you have and never leave your house again, Right?

What if you didn’t? What if you took that diagnosis, missed promotion or loss of employment and used it as a building block to take you to better higher ground? If you looked at it as an opportunity you could have new things open up to you. A new diagnosis could mean a chance to meet new people, receive support and help from great people and help others in the future. Being passed for a promotion could give the opportunity to strengthen your knowledge and become an even stronger employee. Being let go could open many other doors to new employments, opportunities and friends you didn’t have before. What if one change changed your entire life? What if you just wallowed? The choice is yours and no one would fault you either way. So let me ask you, that thing that just happened, is it a stumbling block or is it a stepping stone?