One of my favorite weekend activities is to sit down with my family and catch up on the shows we missed on TV during the week. This weekend we watched a new show we love called “The Titan Games”. I feel that it’s a cross between Ninja warrior and American Gladiator. The super strong contestants face off 2×2 in tests of will and strength to get a chance to face another opponent and defeat Mount Olympus.  Most of the contestants had to overcome something to gain the will to make their bodies super strong and become a contestant. There was an Iraqi war vet who had lost his arm in combat, a woman who overcame alcohol addiction and another who overcame childhood abuse that contributed to mental illness.

This week the show had Chris Ruden as a contestant. He was born with a shorter left forearm and 2 left fingers. He also lives with type 1 diabetes. His story was very inspiring. He spent his life hiding his arm. They showed pictures of him to where his arm didn’t show or he was wearing a glove. He hid his arm from his now wife for the first 2 years that they dated. He found the courage to face what he was born with, show who he truly is to the world with not just his arm but his great spirit and emotional strength. This led to Chris to becoming a motivational speaker. He talks to children who face obstacles in life as well, to let them know the only true hurdle you face is in your mind. He was the first contestant that even though he didn’t advance to the next stage, they allowed to speak to the audience. He told the world on national television that strength is something you can acquire but overcoming what life deals you is true strength that comes from within. It really got me thinking about the super strong people I see every day.

My office is filled with strong people that work hard to enrich their lives and the lives of others. Both the people that work here and the people that come into our office as consumers overcome everything that’s been put in their path to lead the lives they want. They show every single day, multiple times a day, that true strength is not how many wrecking balls you can lift but how many times you say “I can and I will” when the world tells you that you can’t. There are many strong, wonderful people out there facing emotional wrecking balls and tossing them right out of their paths.

So next time you say “I can’t” stop and think, is it that you really cannot achieve that goal or are you listening to a fear? Do you want to achieve that goal? Do you need direction or help? If you want to and you need a little help, come see us! We will be your cheerleaders and celebrate with you! We believe in the strength of you!

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”-Author Unknown