Do you ever feel like you are a stranger to yourself? How could that be possible, you are around yourself 24/7 and no one can know you as well as you know yourself, right?

There are many things that can occur to make someone feel like they don’t know who they are.  It is common to feel out of your element and unlike yourself in a new environment, such as a new house, new job, or other major life event like getting married or having a child. There are also medical distresses that can cause you to feel disconnected, such as, anxiety and depression. You may need to seek professional help, if you feel this way often.

There are different things you can try to reconnect with who you are. Don’t do anything rash, instead focus on something tangible. Ground yourself, sit or lay down somewhere, and pay attention to individual parts of your body, try relaxing your toes and fingers, then your arms and legs, and so on. Think about a place where you feel comfortable and safe, close your eyes imagine, even describe it out loud. Are there activities you enjoy that make you feel like yourself?

You can try and keep a journal to write in daily or when you aren’t feeling like yourself. Write a list of all the positive things you have, once you start it gets easier. Go outside get some exercise and some sun to elevate your happy endorphins. Spend time with your friends or family and talk about happy memories or your hopes and dreams. Put on your favorite playlist of music, maybe get up and dance a little.

If nothing gets you out of your displaced slump, please seek help, it may be more serious than a bad day.

-Karrlita F.