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Silence is Golden?

I am a rather reserved person when it comes to social interactions. I feel much more comfortable observing than speaking. Additionally, I don’t want to stand out when I do speak, so I often keep things to myself that might cause tension.

Often, when people realize that I don’t talk every time I have something to say, I hear things such as, “you’re just as valuable as everyone else speaking”. I don’t see myself as less valuable than people who talk more. However, this statement does make me think more about the conversations I am in and when I should interject. I have friends that have monologues for hours and they just repeat the same statement over and over again. Those situations, I believe, call for me to add something to them, hopefully to help them work through a problem that they seem stuck on.

I have found that if you constantly keep all of your opinions to yourself, eventually it will build up and you will have more and more difficulty restraining yourself. After so long, things may just come rolling out with no control and that is a nightmare.  I completely understand the need to occasionally keep my thoughts as internal dialogue, but I also know that it’s okay to share some of them with others, especially, if it is different than what else is being said. I think that if you constantly “bite your tongue” it will swell up enough to no longer remain in your mouth.

A better idea, in my opinion, is to carefully think of how to state what’s on your mind in a respectful and thoughtful way. It’s okay if other people don’t agree with what you are saying, but it is important to have a voice. Maybe what you were thinking, many others were as well and someone needed to be the first to express it.

Remember, in all things, to be courteous and considerate. Everyone has different experiences and we should all be contributing. Not just the loudest or the assumed majority, but everyone should be involved. This is how we learn about differences and what makes each individual special.

-Karrlita F.