Happy Friday, It is a beautiful day!

This has been a difficult start to this month, but we would like to share some more stories about our beloved morning receptionist, Sharon.

I remember Sharon was the first person I met when I came into the Hutchison PILR Office. At that time we had a SER worker assisting her who was also named Sharon, and she wanted everyone to know that she was Sharon 1. She was always so friendly, humorous and helpful. She loved writing out personal thank you notes to our volunteers and our donors. She would have the most interesting conversations with staff and visitors in the office. I had only known Sharon a little over a year, but she made everyone feel like family. She had a radiant glow about her and she wasn’t afraid to tell you how things really are and her opinion on it. Last spring we were having a conversation and she was talking about the beautiful blooming flowers and I mentioned that I had allergies to those flowers, and she said, “its okay, you don’t need to breath.” Seeing as this was one of our first conversations, I stepped back a second, and she started laughing like crazy. We had plenty of chances of the last year to laugh about that conversation, all over again. Every day she wanted to make sure the entire office was greeted and if she knew you had been having a difficult time, she remembered and checks up on you. No one here at PILR was untouched by that amazing woman. She is sorely missed by all.

-Karrlita Fortna, Administrative Assistant/HR

I sat right behind Sharon in the office and we had some good conversations through the cubicle wall. She was always up to date on what was going on and seemed to know everyone. She listened and would tell you what she thought. I remember how much Sharon loved Coca-Cola, Sharon would ask me to go get her a large Coke from McDonalds and would regularly ask if I had any snacks had hidden in my bottom drawer. I would always feel a little guilty if a came in to the office with a drink without getting her one. She would always try and repay me for her drinks by buying me buttered puff corn or some other snack. Sharon made my days light, fun, and full of laughter. I miss her terribly and I can’t wait until I can see her again in Heaven.

-Adam Fortna, Employment Specialist