This past week has been hard on many of our employees, losing a staff member is never easy. However, losing Sharon, who was so much more than just a staff member, is heartbreaking to all of us. Please enjoy some stories that staff share in the next couple of weeks.

Stories of Sharon:

Sharon started out working for PILR by covering the receptionist desk during our all staff meetings.  When we had an opening I offered her the job of morning receptionist and she took it.  One day she came to me and asked if she could talk to me.  Naturally I said yes.  “Chris, you are probably going to fire me.” I asked, “Why?” and she told me how one of the consumers we serve, who was homeless at the time he came in.  She had just ordered a pizza to be delivered and she invited him to join her.  Then she asked him if he needed a pop or something to drink.  He indicated he did so she gave him some of her money and sent him to the nearby soda fountain to get one.  He came back, gave her the change and they ate lunch together.  I didn’t fire her or even consider firing her.  I loved her acceptance of the people we serve and her giving nature.  Sharon loved to feed people including staff.  Doughnuts, coffee cake, cookies and on and on.  If you think the Hutch PILR Staff grew while Sharon worked here, well, you are probably correct and it’s because of all those calories she fed us.  The relationship between Sharon our morning receptionist and Lowell our afternoon receptionist was priceless.  She’d tell him to “keep my desk clean” or “don’t leave your dirty coffee cup there”. At staff meetings, “Lowell? Are you going to behave today?” and before Lowell could get a word out she’d answer her own question, “Probably not!”  And then there was her crush on our former mailman…oh my goodness!  It was hilarious to hear her go on and on about him.  Sharon leaves a big hole in our PILR family.  We loved her, even when she frequently came in late, “there was a long line at the doughnut store” she’d say.  She’d stay late to make up her time.  I will miss her friendly giving personality.  I will miss her humor.  Sharon, thank you for being a part of the PILR family—you are missed but always remembered!

-Chris Owens, Executive Director

 I did not work with Sharon closely every day, but it was always nice walking through the Hutch PILR doors and seeing her smile, say hello, usually followed by a smart comment. J She was a great lady and will be missed.

-Tasha Konrade, Satellite Offices Service Coordinator