Home Modification Services

It is the goal of this program to provide safe, accessible, and top quality home modifications to individuals with Home Mod 4
disabilities. KACIL Home Modifications Services has the following three elements:  assessment, project management, and final inspection.  Most home modification referrals will include all three elements but there will be exceptions when only a portion of these services are requested.  The following is a description outline of each element.

Home Modification Assessment: 

  • Verification of need
  • Home owner notification
  • Secure (2) contractor bids to include:
    • Drawing of modification when indicated
    • Itemized detailed listing of materials to be utilized
    • Cost that includes time limitation of bid
    • Estimated start date
    • Estimated completion date once authorization is received
    • Proof of liability insurance
    • Proof of Bonding
    • Proof of license when applicable
    • Building permits when applicable
    • Workmanship guarantee to include length of timeHome Mod 1
  • Selection of contractor
    • To be considered: ADA standards or accessibility, cost, materials, reputation, construction quality, and consumer preference
    • MCO Care Coordinator signature of approval
    • MCO contract signed by contractor, consumer, care coordinator and CIL
      • Bid attached
      • Proof of liability insurance
      • Statement of contractor’s responsibility to correct any problem identified during inspection
      • Advance payment of building supplies, when requested by contractor per MCO’s contract
      • Consumer & Contractor contact information

Home Modification Project

Project Management:

  • Facilitating good communication between member, contractor and MCO
  • On site project inspections when necessary
  • Problem solving
  • Bill build materials to be paid to supplier on assessment authorization
  • Pay the supplier for materials to be used by contractor for specific job


  • Checklist that is developed with each individualized bid specification to measure accessibility, safety, and Home Mod 3quality of construction.
  • Sign off signatures by consumer and contractor
  • Final report with sign offs and pictures to MCO

What is Home Modification? Home modification refers to converting or adapting the environment in order to make performing tasks easier, reduce accidents, and support independent living. Home modification, ranging from low-cost to more expensive adaptations, includes removing hazards (e.g., clutter, throw rugs), adding special features or assistive devices (e.g., grab bars, ramps), moving furnishings, changing where activities occur (e.g., sleeping on the first instead of second floor) and renovations (e.g., installing a roll-in shower). In some cases, modifying the home may also require repairs such as improved wiring to eliminate the need for dangerous extension cords or fixing loose stair treads.

Participating Managed Care Organizations (MCO) in Kansas

Sunflower State Health PlanHome Mod 2


United Health Care Community Plan