How Rich Are You?

Financial worry is one of the biggest stress factors we experience in America. In reality, most people have all the things that they need: shelter, food, water, and clothes. It’s the things that we want that usually drain our bank account. I know I have more than I need, but I still worry about money. Life changes can happen quickly that would easily affect your financial standing.

However there are people, who do not have the necessities, many are people with disabilities that are struggling to find employment or the resources to live the bare minimum lifestyle. We do our best to connect people in our community with resources that will help them gain what they seek: employment, housing, skills to live on their own, or even a listening ear.

Recently, we had a consumer who had been living on the streets and sleeping on the sidewalk every night. She didn’t have any identification or the proper documents to obtain it. She met with one of our Independent Living Specialists to discuss what goals she wanted to set for herself: housing, identification, apply for services, and reconnect with family. Our caring and diligent staff member was able to assist this consumer in completing all of her goals in less than 6 months.

We have a passionate group of people that work at Prairie Independent Living Resource Center and our community is filled with people who need a little help. Please partner with us to reach those citizens by submitting a year-end tax deductible donation to PILR.

-Karrlita F.

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