Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Excitement and Responsibility

Some of you may have noticed that earlier this week that we had a litter of kittens in the office, one of them in particular struck a chord with me and my wife. She was quiet, calm and purred when we pet her.  Though we already have two cats and a dog, I thought, what is one more going to hurt? She is so well behaved. My wife looked at me as if she already knew how this would play out. We took the little kitten home and named her Luna.

Though she was cute we quickly realized Luna wasn’t so calm and was definitely wasn’t quiet.  Taking care of her turned out to be a lot more responsibility then I had previously thought. She would cry whenever she was alone and refused to sleep anywhere other than my face or on top of my head. She has often climbed me like a tree and, even worse, the dog has tried to eat her! Often in life things like this happen. We accept responsibility only thinking of the positive and it ends up feeling like a cat scratch to the face, but when these things happen we have to stick to our guns and push through.

The positive things are still there. Luna is still cute, she still purrs when I pet her. Though taking care of her is hard, waking up to a sleeping kitten next to you is well worth the trouble. Any commitment will come with its fair share of responsibility; we have to learn to take the bad with the good. Just because it is hard doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.

-Adam F.