Information and Referral Service

In the link above, you will find resources that will assist you as you work with people who have low or no vision. This is not an all inclusive list and the fact that a resource is listed here in no way implies that KDADS endorses any resource on these pages. This is for informational purposes only. It is recommended that you spend time becoming familiar with these sites prior to directing a consumer to them as a source of information.

Yesterday’s Influence on your Child Today

Are you ready to stop history in its tracks? Click the link above, get comfy, put on your thinking cap, and answer a few questions about your family’s life. Don’t worry: it’s pretty easy- you’re an expert on this subject (but we do want you to think hard). Don’t skip it: the questions asked, the situations discussed, and the thinking you’ll do can give you a deep perspective and wisdom that can help you create a better life for your child and family.

Orientation and Mobility Training

A Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist (COMS) is a professional who specializes in teaching travel skills to people who are blind or have low vision, including the use of canes, dog guides, and sophisticated electronic traveling aids, as well as the human guide technique. Click the link above to learn more about vision loss and COMS.