Happy Friday, we are excited about Memorial Day weekend!

Memorial Day to Remember

With Memorial Day coming up, I am looking forward to a longer weekend than usual. I am also looking forward to remembering all the important people that have impacted my life, but are no longer here with us. Every one handles grief in different ways. I witnessed this recently after the passing of our morning receptionist and many employee relatives in a short time period.

Some people need to keep their routine the same as it has been, maybe to distract them from the events or just to have normalcy. Others want to be in solitude at home to reflect on time spent with their loved one. I have also seen those who want to be around family constantly to keep the connection alive. There were a few that I watched delve themselves into the preparation of the memorial service and house clean up. Some keep their emotions to themselves and others let them flow like fountains.

This is no wrong or right way to deal with death. It’s important to remember that everyone handles death differently. If you have been missing a loved one, please take some time this Memorial Day and do something to honor them or in memory of them.

I think it’s important in times of crisis to connect with each other and become closer. Take your part to make the world a little better, even when it feels pretty dim. I think an important lesson to take from these lives that once were, is to spend time with those who you care about and love. You truly do not know how long you have with the people you care about. It’s hard to say goodbye when someone is gone, but make sure you say hello when they are still here.

-Karrlita F.

Who will you be remembering this weekend?