Happy Friday Everyone, Have a great first weekend of the Summer!!!

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real, that even after you woke up, you still thought it had actually happened? The other day, I had a dream that my husband was doing the dishes the night before. I woke up thinking that the kitchen sink was empty. To my surprise, it still had dirty dishes in it. I think it is more common to feel like a dream is real while you are still asleep. Imagine if you felt that way while you were awake: a situation where you are completely convinced of a certain reality even though other people couldn’t see it.

I think to a certain extent all of our personal realities are a little distorted. Maybe it’s in the way you perceive others, how you think that they see you, or even how you view yourself. Last week, I was sitting beside a coworker while they felt extremely hot; I had goosebumps from the cold. There was no way you could tell either one of us that the room was the opposite of how we felt. Additionally, my husband and I usually prefer similar types of food but there are times, like with seafood, that I cannot fathom how anyone could like the way that shrimp, fish, or lobster taste, but my husband would eat that stuff every day if he could. I know with anxiety things feel very different than they are, but I can also be aware of how things truly are.

However, people who experience psychosis episodes that involve auditory, visual, or even sensory hallucinations cannot see past the hallucinations. The hallucinations are their reality and it affects what they believe to be real. If you think someone is having a psychotic break, you cannot convince them that what they are paranoid about is unreal, though, you shouldn’t encourage the hallucinations either. You can work on helping in other ways, but make sure to keep yourself out of harm’s way in the process. Don’t make jokes about their fear and anxiety, try to lead them to a safe outcome, maybe get them to talk to a counselor or if there is an immediate threat to themselves calling the police or an ambulance. It needs to be their choice, if at all possible.

Have you ever had an argument with someone that just couldn’t see your side of it? You knew that you were right, but so did they. Things just kind of kept escalating until one side either gave up or maybe it came to blows. I have watched friends have arguments over the strangest things, and interestingly enough, they were arguing the same side but couldn’t see past being right to figure that out.

Remember, you want to be on the same side, even if your personal reality disagrees. We want safe outcomes for everyone!