Happy Friday Everyone, It’s earth day!!!

It’s my party!

Last week I had a birthday. It was the first birthday that I wasn’t looking forward to, so, I didn’t really mention it to anyone and kind of kept to myself. We had planned on celebrating it over the weekend when we had time to enjoy it. After work I went home to relax and spend some time with the animals. We had a busy night ahead of us, so we bought a small cake to share and my husband cooked me dinner.

The next day, my husband had managed to accidentally pocket my set of keys and left for work. I called to confirm that he had them and he offered to come back and drop off my keys, but he works out of town and I didn’t want to interrupt his routine. He apologized and I told him it was fine and I could get it taken care of. I grabbed a spare house key and scrambled to find a ride to work. Throughout the day, he had sent me some unusual texts, so I became slightly concerned about what was going on at his job. I planned on talking to him about it when he was home. When it was close to time for me to leave work, he kept asking if I needed a ride home and I assured him that I would be fine. I didn’t see any reason to end his day early.

My work day was over and my friend picked me up to take me home. When I went inside I noticed something very different, a ton of decorations and stuff on the table. I went to investigate and there were presents, cake, and some toy weaponry. I picked up the lightsaber and turned it on, which made a loud sound, and from behind me came my husband ready to “fight”. I grabbed the silly string and nerf gun in order to defend myself and we covered each other and the house in a stringy mess. He bought pizza and wings for supper, which is one of my favorite meals. After our civil war, we had supper and some cake that he had prepared for me.

It was a lot of fun, and I’m really glad he surprised me. I also understood why he was so apologetic, seeing as he wasn’t out of town all day or at work, but that he was preparing my surprise. He bought me the present that I had been wanting for years, it was awesome, along with some other gifts, and he had a bouquet of flowers for me.  It was a super sweet gesture and I’m super lucky to have him.

It’s interesting to see how everything plays out, but it’s often not the way I assume it will. Surprises can be good or bad, hopefully more good than bad, but it makes life interesting. If everything always went the way you want it to, or think it will, that seems rather boring. I say, take joy in the unexpected and appreciate the variety you get to experience in life.

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Karrlita F.