Disabilities Do Not Mean You Cannot Parent

Happy Friday, Have a great weekend!

On Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s day and while my mother has been gone for more than 20 years, I always take a few minutes on that day to appreciate the lessons she taught me. More often than not as a kid, her teaching just made me mad but now that I am older, I know what she was doing. I remember bringing home a report card with a C on it and for me, that wasn’t acceptable, even though my siblings brought home Cs all of the time.

She knew that as a person with a disability, you had to be better than your nondisabled counterparts to even get a chance, and by not accepting Cs from me she was teaching me that lesson. She taught me many other lessons like how to treat people and that my blindness was not an excuse for failure. For many people though, my mom wouldn’t have been qualified to raise children because she was also blind and the prevailing opinion of that time was that people with disabilities should not be parents.

In Kansas until probably 10 years ago, disability was a reason for kids to be pulled out of their homes. That’s right; you could have your kids taken away from you simply for having a disability. In some places, that is still the case. Yet I know, from personal experience that people with disabilities can be good parents. My mom raised me and I think I turned out ok, and I know other parents with disabilities who raised some pretty awesome kids as well. Some of the experiences that we had may have been different because of our parent’s disabilities, but just because they are different doesn’t mean they are bad.

-Roger F.

How did you spend your Mother’s Day?