Guess what Society, I’m Not Broken

So many times in my life I have wondered, how much better off we would be if we would get out of the business of trying to “fix” people. I’m not talking about things like trying to cure cancer, or trying to stop strokes, heart attacks, diabetes and things like that. I am talking about trying to fix people with disabilities to be what society thinks a “normal” person should be. If you have too much energy, we want to decrease it. If you don’t have enough energy, we want to increase it. If you are deaf, we want to make you hear. If you’re blind we want to make you see. Whatever your perceived issue is, you will not be a whole person until you are cured.

First, let me say we will never cure everything, but what we are doing, by acting like a cure is the only answer, is causing people with disabilities to feel ashamed of something that is just another part of life. Let me say that again. Disability is just another part of life. It is just another characteristic that makes me who I am. I don’t need to feel ashamed of my disability, and neither should you. Embrace all of who you are, including your disability and don’t let society tell you there is anything wrong with the way you are. Becoming proud is not an overnight journey, it does take time. But you will know it is time well spent when you, just like me, can stand up and say, guess what society, I’m not broken!!!!

-Roger F.

What is something you need to embrace about yourself?