Simple things to improve mood

Some days it seems like everyone around is in a bad mood, which tends to put more people in bad moods. What caused this mood, what happened to foul you up? Did someone cut you off on your way to work, spill your morning coffee, or did you just seem to wake up on the wrong side of the bed? How can you break that cycle of negativity?

See below for some simple, easy ideas that can help increase your mood:

  • Do a good deed
    • Do something nice for someone else, hold open a door, donate to a charity, volunteer some time.
    • People who volunteer are generally happier than those who don’t. Volunteering can increase happiness by helping you to appreciate everything that you have.
  • Get A Good Laugh
    • Laughter increases happy hormones in our brains, and it increases oxygen to our bodies and cools the stress response system. Next time you feel down check out random funny videos or spend time with your hilarious friend.
    • Laughter can cheer us up and decrease anxiety—and the best news is it doesn’t have to be “genuine” to have a positive effect. So even when it seems like there’s absolutely nothing funny in this entire world, busting out a big guffaw might just change your mind.
  • Nostalgia
    • When you’re feeling down, break out your kids’ baby albums or pics from your favorite vacation. It may actually make you feel happier than a square of Godiva chocolate would!
    • For a random boost hang one of your favorite photos in an unexpected spot, you’ll score a quick mood boost when you’re doing something mundane, like cleaning the house or other chores.
  • Track the good stuff
    • Cultivating positivity and a sense of wonder can build positive outlook. Feeling stuck? Reflect on three things that are going well or three positive moments in your day, and even replay them in your mind. Mentally revisiting these moments will help bring back the good mood and feelings they initially created.
    • Every day, write downthree things that went well for you, no matter how small. Be specific and note the role you played in making each moment. You will become more aware of the control you have over bright moments.
  • Get a move on
    • Exercisesparks the release of feel-good endorphins, but it also satisfies something more profound: the human need to perform and excel.
    • Although any fitness activity you enjoy is good, you’ll enhance its benefits even more by taking it outdoors. Studies show that people who get more light exposure during the day have fewer sleep problems and less depression, and evidence suggests that light can keep you alert and productive.” even mild exercise, about 40 percent of your max heart rate, can lift your mood
  • Enjoy the Music
    • The shower, privacy and acoustics, brings out the rock star in everyone. It is smart to take the stage and sing away. No matter your preference, belt your heart out and soak in the benefits.
    • It’s important not to overthink, “Am I happy yet?” while listening, and instead just allow yourself to enjoy the experience. So don’t be afraid to turn up the jams when you’re feeling low.

If you choose one or multiple of these activities, regularly practicing them can help increase your mood naturally and encourage more positive behaviors.

-Karrlita F.

What are ways that you help improve a bad mood?