Happy Friday, in preparation for the weekend, here is something to think about when you are laying in bed Sunday night.

Have you ever woken up and just wanted to stay in bed, I think that happens to many people every Monday. I think Mondays are the most important day of the week; to me, they signify that another weekend is on its way.

Last year, I had some health issues and had to take time off of work. For the first couple of weeks it was nice. I could sleep when I wanted and relax all day. Doctor’s orders were to relax as much as possible and try to be active 30 minutes a day. I spent my time watching television, reading, or playing games. My pets loved being around me all day. It seemed great. However, after that first month, I guess I started getting “cabin fever”. I hated being home all the time, I just wanted to get out and go back to work. The first time was for about two months and I had a job waiting for me when I was able to return.

I was excited to go back to work when I could, but it turned out my body wasn’t ready. After 3 months of attempting to work a typical week, I had many absences and health that seemed to be deteriorating. We decided that I need to take some more time off and really focus on my health. I went back to my doctor and we discussed non-pharmaceutical options. There were many vitamins that she suggested, certain kinds of exercise, and she sent me to a chiropractor.

Those vitamins help me so much, I can feel the days when I forget to take them and those are not fun. I had needed to see a chiropractor for some time but I kept procrastinating, because it’s expensive and I had a hard time justifying that. Exercising in general is good for your health, but when you feel sick, tired, and sore that is the last thing on your mind. I had to make myself get out of bed most days because I felt so bad. Luckily the combination of all these things helped me feel significantly better within weeks.

So again after the first month I was done being at home and I didn’t feel like I was able to be productive. One of the few things I have always aimed to be was “a productive member of society” that is just how I would say it. I didn’t want my health concerns to limit my activities. I was very scared that all the things I had worked for were going to slip out of my fingers and be lost forever. These major health issues were a huge development for me. I love being who I am in spite of all my little concerns, but I also like to be able to choose who gets to know that about me.

What I would really like to say is that you can never really know what’s going on with another person no matter how they seem. Lastly, don’t take for granted your ability to get out of bed (some days I couldn’t), make a living (no matter the job), and the people who are close to you. Everyone has their own battle and it is so much easier to fight when you have an army with you, not against you.

-Karrlita F.