It’s Friday!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Not only is it Friday but it’s the beginning of a 3 day weekend–totally awesome!

I love my job but it’s nice to get a break from it too.  It’s a time to not labor.  Kind of odd they call it labor day when it’s just the opposite, we have family reunions, travel, have cook outs etc.  It’s the last summer long weekend to unwind, forget about the stresses of work and just relax.  PILR is closed Monday but we’ll all be back on Tuesday raring to go.  Lots of things are happening at PILR this fall.

New staff are being hired for our new End-Dependence Kansas contract with the state. We are excited to welcome new faces into our offices. Wonderful people that will help expand our reach.

Disability Mentoring Day is less than 6 weeks away. This is our 15th year hosting DMD and we will be raffling off items for individuals who sponsor students with disabilities. See More details here:

Hope your summer has been great, enjoy the holiday weekend and be sure to check back next Friday to see what the Blog has to offer.  Also, feel free to make comments on our blog–we’d love to hear from you.

-Chris Owens, Executive Director