Own your labels, Differences make us stronger

I attended, as a volunteer last week, the 15th Kansas Youth Leadership Forum where “own your labels, differences make us stronger” was the theme.

We all have labels that we carry around with us some of which we love to wear some not so much. Some labels are perceived as positive and we wear them with pride, yet others we don’t like so we try to keep them hidden. For me, I love to be called a friend, a brother, an uncle, and most of all, an advocate. Yet, as a bigger person most of my life, I was never real fond of being called fat.

It is both the positive and negative labels that you have though that makes you who you are. So I guess what I am saying is be proud of all of your labels, after all, without both the good and the bad things that we have been labeled throughout our lives, we would all be the same and then the label we would all carry around is boring.

Kansas Youth Leadership Forum is provided by Kansas Youth Empowerment Academy, you can find out more information here: https://www.kyea.org/ksylf.php

-Roger F.