Most of us love the winter time and Holiday season for various reasons. Some love the cold air and snow, others the magic that fills the air and still others love that beautiful feeling you get with giving the perfect present or donating to a company that does good works. The time between Christmas and New Year’s is a fun time. There are sales and still Christmas parties and family get together happening. Many people take this time to donate before the end of the year to help those around them.

PILR is a Nonprofit company that finds great use for donations from those in our communities. If you donated this year, whether it is something you do all the time or you gave in memory of our dear friend Roger, we Thank you! Without generous donors such as you we would not be able to put on Disability Mentoring Day that helps young people with disabilities recognize their dreams and values and helps them work to achieve them. We also would not be able to help adults with disabilities, which were told they could not do anything in life, make resumes, get jobs, become independent and live in their own residences. PILR works had to help everyone be included and live the lives they want. We are all striving for the American Dream and PILR works to make it attainable for anyone willing to put a little work into it.

As this year comes to an end won’t you please think about donating to PILR? We have several ways to donate such as:

Pay Pal using debit or credit cards.

Good Search

Good Shop

Dillons: By simply registering your Dillons Plus Card and selecting Prairie Independent Living Resource Center, Inc., as your community partner, Dillons will donate a percentage of your purchases back to PILR!

 Amazon Smile program! By simply registering your Amazon account and selecting Prairie Independent Living Resource Center, Inc. as your organization Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchases back to PILR!

Help PILR achieve our Vision for the future: “A world of inclusion where diversity is celebrated and choices are honored”.

Happy New year from the Staff and Board at Prairie Independent Living Resource Center.