K-Loan is an Alternative Finance Program offered through Assistive
Technology for Kansans (ATK), the statewide assistive technology program,
coordinated by the University of Kansas. K-Loan was established and is
directed by persons with disabilities.

It is a consumer-run program designed to provide persons with disabilities and their families access to financial resources to acquire assistive technology through education,
saving and borrowing. The project is guided by an Executive Advisory Board
composed of individuals with disabilities, family members and
representatives from Kansas agencies.

The low interest loans are designed to help individuals with chronic health problems or disabilities obtain a variety of equipment that can be used at home, school or on the job. Funds can be used to help with the purchase of assistive technology equipment
ranging from hearing aids to mobility devices. Personnel can help identify
alternate funding sources. The staff assisting with this program is
Heather Jones. You can also discuss this with our IL Specialists.

For additional information, please visit K-LOAN