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Job-A-Thon 2017

Last week I witnessed my first PILR Job-A-Thon in Pratt. I volunteered to help interview some of the students in the morning. At first, the thought of interviewing a bunch of teenagers was a little scary. Luckily, my first interviewee was much better than expected and by the end of the morning, I was having a lot of fun with it. The part I didn’t enjoy as much was rating each individual interview and determining who I felt did the best. Something that became apparent very quickly is the students who already had some experience with a job did better than those with no experience. If you have experience and knowledge in the field you are interested, that really moves you up the ranking.

It really cemented a particular cliché in my mind, “practice makes perfect”. If you really care about something and you put time and effort into preparing for it, you will do so much better than if you jump on every bandwagon that passes by. If you are thinking about a career or other goal make sure it is something you will put time into. Getting experience in the field is important too. if you really want to be a veterinarian a great way to learn more is to volunteer somewhere that works with animals like the zoo or animal shelter. Showing the initiative to pursue something even when are you being paid for it is impressive to employers.

If you are truly interested in being employed, especially somewhere that isn’t fast food or retail, take the extra steps to advance yourself and grow towards what you want to do.  Don’t just let whatever job comes your way be what do you, unless that is what you want. Most people don’t make their first job their forever job, and that’s just fine. Experience through working is wonderful too. Start where you can and do your best wherever you are.

A great explanation from Tasha, our Service Coordinator in Pratt:
Job-A-Thon is an annual interactive career fair held for students with IEP’s in the Pratt area. In the morning, students have the opportunity to visit with potential employers, colleges, and resources in the area in a “job fair” setting. Students are required to visit every booth and they have a “Passport to Success” that every booth signs or stamps to show that the students did visit every booth. During this time, students are also called back to the “interview room”, where they bring job applications for their “dream job” to mock interviewers. They are asked to dress appropriately and are interviewed and scored by the interviewers. We then have lunch and hand out prizes through drawings. After lunch, Maurice’s comes in and does a “Dress for Success” model show where four students model proper “interview attire”. We then have an afternoon presenter every year. This year it was Miss Kansas and she spoke with the students about preparing for the future and going for your goals. It was a great presentation.

-Karrlita F.

Some Pictures from Job-A-Thon:

Edward Gimpel (Pratt Police Dept) help student during drunk goggle simulation

Edward Gimpel helps a student during drunk goggle simulation.

Miss Kansas Speaking to the particpants at Job A Thon

Miss Kansas Speaking to the Students at Job A Thon.