Right now, everyone is starting to get in the holiday spirit. Things are just a little slower and more relaxed than they are the rest of the year. Kids and kids at heart are looking forward to that jolly little man landing on their roofs and unloading lots of goodies from his sleigh to put under their trees. While I love presents, what I want more than a lot of gifts under my tree is to see us as PILR staff and consumers get back to advocating for the full inclusion of people with disabilities. Notice I said staff and consumers. It can’t only be staff of the center, and it can’t only be consumers, it will take us all. Kansas was once a leader when it comes to disability issues, and it can be again. We as advocates have to want to see that happen, and then get to work to make it happen. So enjoy the holidays, and then let’s get back to work and make Kansas the state we want it to be.


Written by:

Roger Frischenmeyer