By now you have probably seen this logo on Facebook and in our newsletter. We are very excited to start a new service available to anyone, Chore Busters. This is a by the hour, home maintenance and cleaning service. We have hired, back ground checked, trained and insured professionals that will come to your home and complete any task preassigned. Then after the service you will receive a bill. There is no age or disability requirement for this service.

This service is a new business venture from PILR designed to help our community and make PILR more self-sufficient. PILR staff have labored in love over 2 years for this venture and are very excited to watch their work come to fruit. The fliers have come back from the printer and are making their way to the neighborhoods and businesses. The first Chore buster staff member has cleared the back ground checks and is ready to get to work.

Whether you are 19 or 99, this service is for you! Do you have a parent or grandparent that lives close and needs a little help? Then this service is for them! Are you worn out and exhausted from work, running the kids to soccer practice, ballet, gymnastics and basketball? Then this service is for you! Are you great at housekeeping but want a nice deep clean that you just don’t have time for? Then this service is for you. Recently my husband and I were sick for about 2 weeks and we were unable to clean the house as well as we normally would. That made me really excited to see this service roll out. In a case like that we could have had the Chore Busters Technician come in disinfect everything and help get us back on track. No matter if it’s a onetime thing or weekly, Chore Busters can help you out.

To sign up for this service call PILR at 620-663-3989.