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Wonder Why?

Ever wonder why?  Well, you know I’m all about accessibility.  I believe in equal access 100%, but, last month I was wondering why…We were at a conference in Topeka.  Dan and I went to the vending machine—I had to have my chocolate, you know how that goes—and I was super excited.  There were Braille numbers on the snack machines keypad.  1 2 3 etc. so I asked, “where’s the sheet that tells me what number correlates to what snack?”  Guess what, there wasn’t one!!!  I knew I was punching 5 but I didn’t know if I’d get a Mr. Good bar or a Peppermint Paddy and I don’t like peppermint Paddy!  I still couldn’t use the machine without someone with sight to tell me what snack went with what number.  I wonder why they built a machine with Braille numbers but nothing to tell me what those numbers mean.  Even just a Braille sheet spelling out what’s in there and the keypad number taped to the wall would work.  Accessibility doesn’t have to be complicated but it sure makes life simpler and equal for all of us.

Do you ever wonder why?
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Chris O., Executive Director