I Want it For Free!

Happy Friday. have a wonderful weekend!

I hear” I want this” from many people. So, I assist people look for these things that they want but they want it for Free. Most of the things cost money.  I encourage people to save money, but they don’t want too.   My question is what happened to those awesome people that learned to save or work for something.  Anymore in today’s society, people feel that they are entitled to anything and everything that they want and do not have to work for it.  What ever happened to those awesome parents that taught their kids the meaning of a dollar? Is learning to save being taught anymore?

Growing up I remember this little girl of 13 who wanted a sewing machine. She would ask and annoy her parents every day for this sewing machine. One day her parents got tired of having their little girl asking them for a sewing machine. Her parents told her that if she assisted more around the house without being told to do anything that she could earn money for her sewing machine but the parents would not buy it for her. So, she would get up early and start her chores that she had set up for herself to do each day.

At the end of each week, her parents would give her so much money. Over seven months the little girl had earned enough money to buy herself a sewing machine.  This made the little girl feel very proud because she did this on her own. Throughout this girl’s life she has learned to safe money at little at a time.  And nothing comes free except life’s many little lessons.