Make it Greater!

Recently, PILR was provided a Make It Greater grant for a program, Heading Home, that allows us to better serve the homeless population in Reno County.  We are very excited for this grant and the opportunity to collaborate with the Hutchinson Police Department and other helping agencies to enhance services to the homeless population. With these funds we will be able to help acquire state identification, birth certificates, RCAT passes for easier transportation among service agencies and, in some cases, hotel vouchers. Along with the services we provide; we will assist the individuals on obtaining housing, employment, advocacy, peer support and other services they may need. Support for Heading Home was provided by a Make It Greater Grant from the Fund for Hutchinson of the Hutchinson Community Foundation.

Last summer we started working with a homeless individual in our community. This person was reported to the police department and adult protective services several times from local businesses and community members. She had no forms of identification and was on the verge of having someone she didn’t know become her guardian. We worked with her on obtaining her state ID, social security card, birth certificate, food and medical assistance along with other services. With the help of the Salvation Army she was able to get her own apartment and assistance with her finances. Along with help and support from the Hutchinson Police Department Community Resource officers I am happy to report that this individual is about to move in to more affordable housing, volunteering and looking for employment.

With being non-profit consumer funds are non-existent. We are always contacting community assistance agencies to help with the cost of the items mentioned about. We are grateful to the Hutchinson Community Foundation for this opportunity, this will speed up the process and help these individuals head home quicker.

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