HB2639 is a bill that would allow people with mental health disabilities, or people dealing with substance abuse issues to be detained without due process based on the word of a treating professional, law enforcement, or an other reliable individual. It does not, however define what “other reliable individual” is, which leads us to have many concerns.

It appears this could be used in child custody fights, divorces, or almost any time when 1 person has an issue with another. What is the most frightening about this bill is that you could be held, depending on when you are picked up, for anywhere from 3 to 8 days depending on how the calendar falls without having due process.

Taking someone’s freedom should be done only in extreme situations and only with due process. This bill does not do that. If you agree, please call your legislators and ask them to oppose HB2639. If you have questions, please contact Roger at 620-663-3989 ext 235 or rfrischenmeyer@pilr.org