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Taken for “Grant”-ed

Before I came to work at PILR, I had little knowledge about how nonprofits received funding. I knew they received donations and grants, but I didn’t know how the process worked. Even working at PILR, I only know how things work here, no organization works exactly like another. We appreciate all the grants that we are awarded, without them it would be impossible to serve the people with disabilities in our community who need our services.

I had always assumed that getting grants was an easy, smooth guarantee, that’s what the television told me, anyway. I also thought that most nonprofits had a whole slew of people who just handed money out like candy. Neither of these things are true at least not for every organization. PILR has some great people involved in the success of the organization, but not many monetary donors. Most of our funding comes from grants.

I am learning a lot about the grant side of funding, I took some training on grant writing last year and I have had the opportunity to help write some grants for PILR. There are various grants that we submit proposals for, some are rather small and others are major supporters of our services. No matter the size, there are multiple people and many hours that are spent determining the proposal. The smaller grants usually help us fund events for outreach or advocacy for our consumers in the community. These are important to help us get our name to people who may not know about us or the services we offer.

We also have recurring large grants that fund our staff and services so that we are available to people with disabilities. This week we submitted a proposal for the Older Individuals who are blind, it is a grant to support independent living among individuals 55 or older who are blind or visually impaired. The counties that PILR covers for this program cover half of the state of Kansas. Grants can be long, tedious and stressful, but they are necessary and definitely worth it for us to reach one of the most overlooked populations in this country.

If you support PILR and our mission, please consider donating to the organization to ensure that we can continue to serve people with disabilities across Kansas.

-Karrlita F.

What have you taken for granted?