It’s never dull at PILR; last week the excitement happened in my office. Debbie came to talk to me about something and suddenly asks, “How long has that door been in your office?” Now I am seriously confused. The only door I know of is the one she walked through to enter my office. She wasn’t looking that direction but rather toward my plant stand and the windows. I figure I’ll ask, “What door?” She tells me there is a purple fairy door behind my plant. I thought she’d probably had a minor breakdown but to humor her I walk over, bend down and yep, sure enough, there is a fairy door attached to my wall. At first I said that it must have been there all along and no one noticed. Inside I knew that wasn’t the case. I also threw out the idea that it’s some kind of switch plate cover but I opened the cute little door and there was just wall behind it. This little door has a door knocker and a mail slot and it is a very realistic looking door. OK, where did it come from? I figure Erica did it; she’s been known to do silly fun little things. I call her. She comes to my office and is seriously surprised. Then she says, “How long have these fairies been in your plant?” What fairies? Oh yeah, there are 2 little fairies standing in the leaves of my plant. Within about 20 minutes most of the Hutch staff has dropped in to see what everyone is talking about and not one of them admitted to doing it. What they’d say is, “I wish I’d have done it!” I thought maybe it was Rachael but she denied. I finally decided I wasn’t going to know so just accepted that someone had given me an adorable fairy door and 2 little fairies.

A few days later a PILRite comes into my office and asks if I have a couple of minutes to talk. My door is usually open, well, now I have two open doors, so I was agreeable. This person told me I’d stewed enough and they felt it was time to tell me the story.

It all began on a very windy day in Kansas when that wind blew down an apple tree. A family member of this PILRite wanted the stump of the apple tree for a fairy house (perhaps I should consider myself lucky there’s no tree stump fairy house in my office). Well, that stump became a fairy house for this family but it needed a fairy door. Apparently fairy doors sometimes come in packages of two. That was the situation with my cute little purple door. There was also a red door. The red door is on the apple tree stump fairy house because it matches the family’s red front door. Well, what to do with the purple door? Put it in Chris’ office of course and get her a fairy couple to go with it.

I couldn’t help but laugh. This was just too much fun and every now and again a little fun is necessary in the office. I know everyone at PILR, minus me and the guilty PILRite are just itching to know who done it. Well, I’m not going to tell! If you think you know who installed my fairy door, post your ideas on PILR’s Facebook page and I’ll let you know if you are correct. Now we all know how a fallen apple tree resulted in me having a fairy door and fairy office mates.

And to the staff who added a little decoration to my office, I want to thank you!!! It has been and continues to be a lot of fun!