Happy Friday!!!


Are you ever concerned about the type of friend you are? I once had someone tell me that it was hard to be my friend. It was the first time anyone had ever said something like that to me. It started me thinking, am I a good friend, what is a good friend anyway? I know I’m a particular type of person, but I think I am a good friend.

Isn’t the point of being friends with someone, so that you can be yourself around them? You can take off the mask that you wear around everyone else and just be the way that you are. I know I have some health issues, but do they really affect my friends? Sometimes I have to cancel plans because of how I’m feeling and I might occasionally complain about what I’m dealing with.  I try to be there when someone needs me and if I make plans I do my best to keep them.

I believe more likely what my friend was saying is that being concerned about someone else’s health and well-being is exhausting for them. I suppose I appreciate the concern, but I am the only person that needs to dwell on such things. Would it be better not to reveal my complicated situation with people? I don’t think it would, certainly not from someone that I would call a friend. But then what do I do when someone can’t enjoy being around me because they are so worried? I can’t control how they react to my situation, but I expressed what I’m going through because I found them to be a trusted colleague.

My very best friends are a lot like me, we want to hang out and spend time with each other, but we have lives and families of our own. Many times, when we make plans, they don’t pan out. Sometimes, we intentionally don’t plan things out, so that we don’t have to break them.  However, if someone never makes an effort then there may become an increasing rift between you. People you want to stay connected with, you may have to continually initiate the communication.

It’s okay if you aren’t best friends with everyone you meet and you can share with whomever you like, but not everyone is going to react the way that you want them to. I am not as open as most people in my family and I don’t share my personal details with people very often. Personally, I need to remember everyone is different and the friendship may not be equally reciprocated. Not to worry though, life is about trying different things and taking risks, you will never know how something will turn out if you don’t try.

-Karrlita F.