“Fair” Enough

Working or Residing in Hutchinson, KS in the middle of September, always brings plenty of feelings and opinions regarding the Kansas State Fair. For longtime residents, the fair can be well anticipated or completely dreaded. I think the biggest complaint most people have with the State Fair is the increase in traffic. For some reason it always seems like they choose to do additional street construction when the fair comes to town, which can add to travel frustration.

However, as a longtime resident or employee of Hutchinson, you also know there are certain ways to make the fair time a little more tolerable. There are certain streets to avoid that are high traffic. There are better times of the day to be out and about. Overall, fair time increases revenue for our “fair” city, which is nice for the upkeep of our attractions.

There are plenty of Hutchinson Residents that love the fair and attend as many days as possible every year. It’s fun to try the new foods that are offered or to enjoy some of the classics you can’t get every day. Pronto Pups are a local favorite, a special fair time corn dog snack. Some people enjoy walking around the Air Conditioned buildings, grabbing free handouts or trying the new-fangled toy or other product booth vendors are selling. The midway is filled with carnival games and amusement park rides for people to enjoy. If you can beat the game you get a prize, the better you do, the bigger the prize.

Dillon’s Dollar Day happens Monday when the fair is open. You can get the best bang for your buck on this day. Entrance is free with a Dillons Card or only $1 without one. Rides are provided at a lower cost, about 1 ticket per ride. Other ways to save money are to purchase your admission or ride tickets ahead of time, if you are a frequent fair goer this can really add up. I was most excited about $2 tasting Tuesday; you could try a smaller portion of any fair food for only $2. I can never eat the huge portions that are provided and this allows you to try so many things.

Much relief is found this week with the Kansas State Fair being complete for the year. Hutchinson can go back to its normal everyday routines. I think the best part of the fair is that it’s only here for a short time, where you can gorge on it as much or as little as you like until it’s gone. Then you can anticipate for an entire year before it will be back. There will always be things in your life that you may not like, but most things are temporary and if you can just wait it out, it will be over before you know it. However, there will also be amazing things that you never want to end and you will want to appreciate and relish in those times because they are likely to pass even quicker than you can imagine.

-Karrlita F.

What’s your favorite part of the Kansas State Fair?