Great Expectations?

Happy Friday, I hope you had a wonderful week!

An interesting thing that I have learned about expectations is that they have to be dependent upon someone other than myself. After complaining repeatedly about someone who never did things like I wanted, I was told that maybe I need to change my expectations for that situation. So, I think it’s fine to hope things will go the way you want, but if you always expect them to, then you should “expect” to be disappointed.

We had an experience recently when we remodeled part of our house. Initially we were told it would be a Monday through Friday job and then it would be done. My husband expected that and I hoped for it. On Sunday, we were informed that something came up and it would be Tuesday through Saturday. We said okay, it wasn’t much of a change, and went on with our week.

We had planned for a plumber to come and work on some pipes for us.  The first one canceled on us right before we needed him to do the work, so we had to rush to find another that could do the work quickly. That was scary for me, because I didn’t know how long they were going to take or how much it was going to cost. The plumbing part took much longer than we thought and we anticipated that the invoice would reflect it. Luckily, our cost estimate was inaccurate and it was a very fair price to us.

We made it to Saturday and when no one showed up to do the work, my husband became very agitated.  The following day, we were informed it would be finished on Tuesday, my husband was not happy, but he said “okay”. What were we going to do about it, anyway?  Throughout the whole thing, I did my best to stay calm and remember what I was told, but there were some times that I was tested.

The time estimates were more difficult for us because we were working on the bathroom, as well. My husband removed all the wallpaper, painted, and helped with other things. For us trying to schedule, when to do everything that we were working on, seemed impossible. The remodel was finally complete around 3 weeks after it started. Our bathroom looks amazing now, definitely worth the wait. It can be difficult to have patience to see the results, but we cannot let emotions get in the way and ruin a happy ending.

If I expect someone to do something, then I must adjust my expectations to match the way that person does things, not how I would do it or how I want them to do it. Another thing I have to think about is when I ask someone to do something, I shouldn’t complain about it when they do it. If I’m going to criticize them for it, then I should be doing it myself. Although, If I wanted to do it myself, I probably wouldn’t have asked someone else to do it.


-Karrlita F.