The good and the bad of Electronic Use

Most people interact with electronics on a daily basis; some people never stop interacting with them. While, electronic devices have helped to make lives easier, there are some drawbacks, as well. Let’s take a look at them!

We will start with the good first! Computers, cell phones, and other devices have increased speed and productivity in the workplace. Most people can type faster and more legibly than they can write and it’s much easier to edit a text document. Plus, with spell and grammar checking included with many word processing programs, it helps with accuracy, too. You can keep all of your fun memories and photos at an arm’s reach, by storing them on your phone, laptop, or tablet. Connecting with people you used to know has never been easier than with social media and the internet. I still find people I haven’t spoken to in years. There’s a whole new skill set that children learn at an earlier age while using electronics, this can help with computer literacy, manual dexterity, and hand-eye coordination. For accessibility, technology can be someone’s best friend screen readers, magnifiers, and speech to text can help include people with disabilities that otherwise couldn’t see what is on a computer or phone screen.

Adversely, there are still some things to keep in mind when using Technology. People rely more on electronics than ever before. There’s no more memorizing phone numbers, addresses, or other information. Memory isn’t something we need anymore, we can just store it in our phone or “ask Siri”. While children are excelling at the use of technology, they may fall behind with other simple skills. The amount of screen time people get limits their exposure to the outdoors, nature, and socializing. It’s easier to connect with people, but harder to make deep connections with them. People spend time on their smartphones constantly, texting while driving, surfing Facebook during a conversation, or frequently checking to see what notifications are popping up. There used to be a time when you left your house, you left your phone… that time seems long gone.

What can be done?

The biggest problem with technology is the amount of time that we have using it. Moderation is key to minimizing the negative effects while still gaining the benefits. You have to consciously choose to put your phone down or set it out of eyesight. Don’t keep a television within eyesight of every part of your house. Take a vacation from social media. Pick up a book, with a hard cover and paper pages and get lost in it. Find a hands-on project; if your hands and mind are busy they won’t be searching for a digital distraction. Don’t keep your phone, tablet, or laptop next to where you sleep, you will get better sleep if it’s not preceded by screen time. If you can start to pull yourself away from all those screens and electronics, it will get easier and easier to choose other activities than mindlessly staring at them.

What’s your biggest electronic addiction?

-Karrlita F.